Twin Tank water softener – Our most efficient system uses 100% of the resin capacity; meaning less salt, less regeneration water used.


  • The Pro315 Next Gen HE TA twin tank water softener uses 100% of the resin capacity instead of maintaining a reserve that is required on single tank systems; meaning less salt and less regeneration water used
  • The perfect solution for large families or homes with extremely hard water
  • Significantly reduces monthly Salt, Water and Energy cost
  • Provides a continuous supply of soft water 24/7
  • Use less shampoo and conditioner, enjoy healthier and softer skin with softened water
  • Water using appliances are more efficient and last longer
  • Soap and Detergent savings up to 70% with soft water
  • Proficient H2O is a family owned Wisconsin company supporting U.S. products


  • Uses counter-current regeneration, passing the salt solution through the least exhausted resin at the bottom of the tank first, flushing the hardness minerals off the resin and up through the highly exhausted portion of the resin bed to drain, recharging all the resin in a more efficient process
  • Scrolling user screen displays the time of day, gallons capacity remaining and current flow rate
  • User-friendly electronics with permanent memory backup of all programmed settings ensure nothing is lost during power outages
  • Several programming options
  • Backup battery maintains the clock even during power outages


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