We’re located in Waunakee, WI, with over 45 years of experience providing reliable water treatment systems to independent wholesalers and plumbers. We’ve earned a solid name for smart designs that work hard and well from Day One.

We’re proud of our reputation for personal and attentive technical support. We don’t send our customers through an automated phone maze; our knowledgeable staff personally answers the phone and gives you the help you need.

Our focus on hardworking products and thoughtful service has fueled our growth in a highly competitive industry.

Beyond systems for the home, we’re also expert at engineering and designing custom water treatment systems for commercial and industrial applications.

Water that works: Our product line

We design, make and sell water treatment products that address the entire range of water issues. From conditioners for hard water in the home to systems for industrial use, our equipment is proven to work before it leaves our factory.

These products for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications include:

  • Water Softening Systems
  • Iron Reduction Systems
  • Problem Water Systems
  • Drinking Water Systems

Only hardworking products, only hardworking wholesalers and plumbers

Not everyone makes the cut to carry Proficient H2O products. Our products are available through plumbing wholesalers and professional plumbing contractors in North America. We appreciate hearing from our customers. You can reach us at our headquarters, 404 Moravian Valley Rd., Waunakee, WI 53597, by calling (608) 849-3459 or emailing info@proficienth2o.com.